Month: October 2019

Single Person Company (S.P.C) in Bahrain


These days I am getting a lot of queries from investors for setting up a Single Person Company in Bahrain. Many of them are not informed that they can open S.P.C only in limited sectors not in every sector as noticed by them in advertisements. A vast majority of those investors are from the Kingdom of Saudi

I am out of Bahrain and have a case in Bahrain

I am out of Bahrain and have case in Bahrain

This is a problem faced by many people. They leave Bahrain without finalizing their outstanding dues, settling cases etc. and later on when they want to come back they are afraid to be arrested at the airport or being in the blacklist. In many cases, people want to settle but don’t know how. There are

How to set up a branch of a foreign company in Bahrain

How to Set Up Branch of Foreign Company in Bahrain?

If you have a company and looking forward to expanding your business in the Middle East then the Kingdom of Bahrain is your best choice for the purpose. Repeatedly Bahrain has ranked as one of the best places for expats all over the world.  The main requirements related to the setting up of the Foreign Branch

Why a partnership agreement is a must for your business in Bahrain

partnership agreement

Partnership Agreement or Partnership Deed as referred by some is one of the most important documents for any business. This document is more important if you are doing business in a country which requires you to have a local partner compulsorily. To be able to do business in such countries, investors usually take a partner