5 Reasons To Submit Labor Case Quickly

The expression “Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fear to come true” applies to a lot of employees of the private sector working abroad or in their own country. 

As I noticed compared to locals the expats are more afraid and worried to file a case even though they have been denied something which rightfully belongs to them or even when they have been wronged. 

One of the biggest reason such things keep happening repeatedly is the hesitation referred in the above quote. The hesitation of the people encourages the perpetrator to exploit more and more innocents of their livelihood, lifelong earnings etc. 

Below are 5 reasons due to which you should not hesitate and submit a labor case as quickly as possible. Let’s see what are they. 

1. What is true today might not be trust tomorrow. 

If you are good to me today or I am good to you today doesn’t mean that you can’t change or I can’t change tomorrow. While leaving the job you may have a very good relationship with the employer and you trust them. 

The employer may also say that don’t worry you will be paid all your dues, go back home and within a month you will receive all your dues. If someone will tell me like this I won’t buy that. 
I will definitely take any action as provided by law to recover what I must get because his promise might be good for today but I have not seen the future. 

2. Law of limitation 

In law, there is a limitation to initiate any action and the defendant can very well use the delay and laches in his defense to deny you your rights and in case you cannot satisfy the court about the reasons for the delay then you may very well lose your whole case and with it your life long earnings. 
I am not going to mention any time frame herein because this is not a country-specific article. Also, in some cases you might lose your right to claim compensation earlier than losing your right to claim labor rights. 

3. Owner may run away 

In many cases, we noticed that the owners are foreigners who doesn’t own any tangible assets so there is a huge probability that they might escape sooner than you expect which gives us another reason not to delay filing a labor claim. 

4. The financial condition of a Company 

Let’s say the company you are resigning from or have been terminated is doing good business as of today but after an year or few it might be in losses or facing foreclosure or go bankrupt so in order to get what you want you should not delay and submit a case as soon as possible. 

5. Do not encourage exploitation 

If you are not going to submit a case against your employer today thinking why should I waste my money, waste my time, it’s not worth it etc then this will boost the employer’s confidence to exploit more workers in future.

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