7 Most Common Mistakes To Be Avoided In The Middle East

This article doesn’t cover everyone as there are many who are aware of their rights and they avoid such mistakes. This is just for information purpose and if you are not the one making such 7 Mistakes in Middle East then kudos to you. The 7 most common mistakes could be summarized as follows:

1. Signing Contract Without Reading It

I came across many people who signed employment contract without reading it only to be feeling trapped at a later stage. Therefore, always read your employment contract before signing it and don’t sign a contract which contains terms and conditions that might be detrimental to your interest when you plan to change a job.

2. Buying Free Visas

Many people in search of work are so desperate that they are willing to take any risk for that and that includes working illegally with the purchase of work visa notoriously known as the FREE VISA. The result, in many cases is being duped by visa sellers.

They will sell you a 500$ (example) visa for $1500 – $2000 and as told by many people on the landing at the country of their destination they found the visa is already cancelled. Also, if caught by the authorities such people are fined, jailed and deported along with getting blacklisted in many cases. So avoid buying free visas and work only on proper sponsored visa.

3. Working For Someone Without Being Under Their Visa

In many cases, people have been found to illegally working under the visa of someone under whom they are not allowed to work. In most of the countries it is a condition that you will only work for the company which is sponsoring you and violation will lead to penalty and expulsion. Therefore, work only for your company which is sponsoring you to avoid expulsion and penalty.

4. Paying Visa Fees

It is prohibited for the sponsor in most of the countries to charge the visa fees from the employee. It is the duty of the employer/sponsor to pay for the visa fees and all so avoid paying the fees to the sponsor. If your sponsor is taking visa fees from you then the probability is very high that later on you will have such issues with the sponsor.

5. Surrendering the Passport to Employer

In my opinion, this practice is illegal in almost every country in this world. The employer cannot retain the employee’s passport except for legal purposes like visa stamping, visa cancellation, visa renewal, etc. And that also is to be returned when the work is done.

Therefore, if you have a sponsor who is asking you to surrender the passport, then don’t do it or still if you want to do it, then ask for proper acknowledgment from the sponsor that he is retaining your passport.

6. Resigning without following Due Course

Many employees resign or stop going to the work without following the due process as laid down in the law and the contract signed by them, which results in big trouble for them at a later stage. You might have serious issues with your sponsor, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to abide by the due process while terminating your employment. In many cases we have seen people being reported as runaway etc on account of such noncompliance only.

7. Lack Of Awareness

This is one of the most important problems faced by a lot of people. First of all its common not to be aware of everything but falling victim to the advices of people who are not professionally competent won’t fall in the category of lack of awareness. Many people by reading one or two provisions of the law start preaching the law or start acting as if they know everything. They don’t only commit mistakes but also give wrong advises to people and make them commit the same blunder which they did for their own problem. Therefore, get aware and be sure that you are getting the right information from whichever source you are getting it.

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