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Bahrain Labor Law – Time Limitation

Bahrain Labor Law - Time Limittion

Bahrain labor law provides one year time frame to file a labor claim for the unpaid dues while one month time frame is given by the Bahrain Labor Law for claiming compensation. Read my article. Why delay to lose your money and labor case? How many of you are aware of the law of limitation

7 Most Common Mistakes To Be Avoided In The Middle East

This article doesn’t cover everyone as there are many who are aware of their rights and they avoid such mistakes. This is just for information purpose and if you are not the one making such 7 Mistakes in Middle East then kudos to you. The 7 most common mistakes could be summarized as follows: 1.

5 Reasons To Submit Labor Case Quickly

The expression “Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fear to come true” applies to a lot of employees of the private sector working abroad or in their own country.  As I noticed compared to locals the expats are more afraid and worried to file a case even though they have been denied