Company formation in Bahrain: step-by-step procedure

company formation in bahrain

Company formation in Bahrain must be one of the easiest in the world. It is so easy and hassle-free that you just have to sit back and relax.

Bahrain is no doubt one of the most preferred locations of the investors. If you are looking forward to opening a company than Bahrain is the best destination.

Here I will take you through the procedure of company formation in Bahrain step-by-step. But let’s take a look at what are the kinds of companies which are preferred by most of the investors.

Different company structures

Investors can adopt various structures for company formation in Bahrain. 

  1. With Limited Liability (W.L.L). 
  2. Limited by Share. 
  3. Single Person Company (S.P.C). 
  4. B.S.C (Public). 
  5. B.S.C (Close). 
  6. Limited Partnership. 
  7. Foreign Branch. 
  8. Representative Office.

Benefits and conditions for different companies in Bahrain

5 steps of procedure of company formation in Bahrain

1. The client approaches us with business activity.

2. We check the relevant activity or activities and inform the client regarding the options available and company structure. 

3. The client suggests the name of the company. The name must be unique, not similar or identical to any other name.

4. We submit the application with the MOICT with all the required documents. 

5. On approval, the Memorandum or Article of Association is submitted. 

The last step is the approval from the concerned Ministry related to the activity.

There are other steps to be done like opening a bank account, getting a bank deposit certificate and signing a lease for office etc. but clients like to do with their own.

Fee structure for company formation in Bahrain

The cost of company formation in Bahrain differs from client to client and their requirements. Minimum yearly activity fee differs from activity to activity. Also, different firms have different fee structures.

A very important thing to remember is 100% foreign ownership allows in activity to activity basis. There might be some activity which would compulsorily require 51% Bahraini partnership unless you are GCC Resident or US National.

There are a lot of law firms, consultancies and agents doing the company formation in Bahrain. I suggest go with someone who is not only doing this business but can advise on the legalities and consequences too. It costs a little higher but would save you from future troubles. 

You can authorize any law firm or any individual to represent you for all the work by signing a power of attorney in their name for the work only.

I helped numerous individuals and businesses to open a business in the Kingdom of Bahrain. If you would like to discuss in details, then please write to me at


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