I am out of Bahrain and have a case in Bahrain

I am out of Bahrain and have case in Bahrain

This is a problem faced by many people. They leave Bahrain without finalizing their outstanding dues, settling cases etc. and later on when they want to come back they are afraid to be arrested at the airport or being in the blacklist. In many cases, people want to settle but don’t know how.

There are some easy steps by which you could settle your cases by being abroad and come back when everything is settled down.

1. First of all you need to know what are the cases against you or complaints.

2. This you could do by engaging with a law firm by authorizing them through a power of attorney.

3. Once your lawyer has the power of attorney for you he or she could check the details of all the cases you have and inform you.

4. Decide which cases you want to settle and which you want to contest and inform your lawyer accordingly.

5. Once all the cases are settled or impediments which top you from coming are stopped you could enter Bahrain again.

What are the fees and all that you have to discuss with the law firm you are going to engage. I would say you must sign a proper engagement letter with the law firm which should cover all your cases so that you don’t have to pay later on for any additional cases.

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