Legal Service & Consultation


Through HK LEGAL, Mr Khalid and Mr. Hamad Bushlaibi has collaborated to provide high quality legal services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. HK LEGAL represents clients in almost all Courts in Bahrain and also represent in Quasi-Judicial Offices, Arbitration and Tribunals. The firm is actively involved in advising and guiding foreign and local clients on diverse matters involving international and domestic laws. The services provided by HK LEGAL extend to all courts and tribunals in Bahrain, including the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court.

HK LEGAL offers consultancy and opinion on all aspects of Bahraini laws, domestic and international arbitration. Since Bahrain is a leading financial center among the GCC states HK LEGAL with its able team and partners provide top quality services to local and international companies related to labor laws, civil laws, corporate commercial laws beside traditional legal areas like criminal law etc.

Mr Khalid Khan has more than 10 years’ experience in litigation and corporate sector while Mr Hamad Bushlaibi possess remarkable knowledge in litigation with specific focus on civil, labor, criminal, matrimonial, property and drugs related cases.


Apart from that HK LEGAL caters to a family dispute, immigration dispute, civil and consumer litigation, IP registration, labor disputes, divorce, credit card and debt settlement, due diligence of both movable and immovable properties, traffic violation dispute settlement, insurance claims and recovery and many other disputes which require intervention of courts. Special assistance is given to the labor disputes and issues owing to the fact that Bahrain utilize a large chunk of foreign as well as domestic labor in their industries and hence not everyone is aware of the evolving labor laws. HK LEGAL also advise clients on the applicability of Bahraini Labor Law, the obligations and compliances thereunder, and the consequences of non-compliance, issues related to provident fund contributions, payment of gratuity, payment of bonus, superannuation/retirement benefits, termination of employment, hours of work, leave/ holiday entitlement, employee health and safety regulations, discrimination and harassment issues, etc.